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    Exxson Group AnnualParty of 2017

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    Annual party is a yearly family party for the company, Exxson will celebrate his 10 years birthday in 2017.On January 21st, Exxson Group grandly held the annual party named “Boost decade and build dream of a voyage”. The Chairman of the Board Mr. Yu Chunsheng, director of the headquarters, branch offices, office and the representation of partners, and many guests from other fields was invited to come to spend an unforgettable annual party with our company together.AnnualParty

    Annual party is the most important part for Exxson family, the atmosphere group presentation vediolead us review the events, some happy time and also the achievements of management, project development and corporate culture construction in 2016. The leaders of Exxson Group shared their minds to us ,they summed up 2016 and made planning for 2017.We listened quietly, thought seriously, some place made us proud, some place made us smile in heart, and also some place made uspassionatesurging……exxson group

    In fruitful 2016, our company's rapid development and the various achievements can not only do without the encouragement and care from different department, but also inseparable from the hard work of everyone, selfless struggle. In the party, we set up 19 awards for commended the teams and the individuals who made outstanding contributions and outstanding performance in 2016.The executive team awards them and expresses their gratitude. All of them said: thanks very much for the company’ splatform and opportunities, It was an honor to work here, we will continue to work hard and grew together with our company.Excellent staffCooperative partner

    To thanks for everyone’s hard working, the company prepared a sumptuous lunch as usual. Everybody surrounded together, by watching the wonderful performances while enjoying lunch, played game, point o’clock Wechat red envelope, multi-round lottery,  the awards continue to appear . ”Very happy and very grateful”  is the only words they could think of……laugh and happiness, people could drunk without wine, the family warmth made everyone immersed in the happiness. 年会表演 Annual conference performanceLuck draw

    The annual meeting lasted nearly 10 hours,  and then the annual party fullfill with passion and talent  was approaching the end. In the past year, we have been smiling, hard, and harvested. Facing 2017, we are standing at a new starting point, look up at the new heights, go forward never stop!

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